About Us

We are a full-service property management company, with a comprehensive bundle of services that meet the most demanding needs of any type or any size community. We provide expert management services such as maintenance, leasing, marketing, capital improvements, customer service, compliance and many more... We are always adding more services to our full-service menu. Core Property Management offers unsurpassed leasing and property management expertise in Kansas. Owners view our service as a great value that saves them the time required to show property, screen tenants, write leases, and prepare units for occupancy. We are continually expanding our company and looking for clients to move their investment portfolios into our trustworthy hands. You will not be disappointed with the service, the people working with you, and the profits. Our premium management services allows you to reap the rewards of owning property while our experts manage and maintain your investment. This is why "We make owning property easy!"